> Regex Tester
As any Perl developer will tell you, regular expressions are an extremely powerful addition to the programmer's problem-solving arsenal, so the inclusion of the java.util.regex API in Java 1.4 is definitely a Good Thing™. While there are countless web tutorials and examples on the API and regexes generally, what I was after was an actual tester, something quick-and-dirty I could simply type straight into and check how a real, live pattern would match against actual input.

Enter my humble regex tester; I originally created this as a standalone Swing application, but applet-ised it to enhance its world-wide-web appeal. The source is included in the jar file; do with it as you please.

Dang! Gotta hava java enabled, dude...

Not Quite Right

  1. MacOSX users: Safari handles this admirably, Firefox currently requires the Java embedding plugin
updated 2005-05-01